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La Walse (The Waltz, published 1810) by James Gillray, collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London, England, UK


Origin uncertain; perhaps an alteration of shindy, or from Scottish Gaelic sìnteag (jump, leap).



shindig (plural shindigs)

  1. A noisy party or festivities.
    • 1861, “Mr. and Mrs. Rasher”, in Godey's Magazine[1], volume 62, page 348:
      They'd get up a regular shindig, if it wasn't for making too much noise.
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, chapter XIX, in Babbitt, III:
      "That's a darn shame. Well–I suppose you're waiting for somebody to take you out to some big shindig, Sir Gerald." "Shindig? Oh. Shindig. No, to tell you the truth, I was wondering what the deuce I could do this evening [] "
    • 1950, Sunset Blvd., 45:01 from the start:
      There was bound to be a New Year's shindig going on in his apartment down on Las Palmas.

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