shit factory

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Alluding to the fact that babies and some animals produce a lot of feces.


shit factory (plural shit factories)

  1. (vulgar, pejorative or humorous) An infant, especially one who defecates a lot.
    • 2000 October 4, Pete, “Re: Baby Laughter!”, in, Usenet[1]:
      [] because you have neither the time nor the money to do any of the things you really wanted to do in life before you created a little shit factory of your own?
    • 2002, Al Craven, Slowly Dies the Rose, page 78:
      “Damn it, Sandy,” he fumed. “You knew when we got married that I was going to hunt and fish any time I wanted to. I told you that. I said I'd marry you and take care of you, but I told you nothing was going to get in the way of my hunting and fishing. Not you. Not some five-day-a-week job. And not that little shit factory on your lap.”
    • 2009, Gary A. Braunbeck, Far Dark Fields, page 252:
      " [] Rumor has it that I pooped with wild abandon." Barb laughed and playfully smacked my arm. "You were a little shit factory."
  2. (vulgar, pejorative or humorous) A bird, animal, etc. that defecates a lot.