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shock +‎ -y


shocky (comparative more shocky, superlative most shocky)

  1. In a state of shock; suffering from shock.
    • 1997, Dana Stabenow, Breakup, →ISBN, page 204:
      Shock! She's going to get shocky!
    • 2009, Catherine Coulter, TailSpin, →ISBN, page 171:
      One young girl, who looked pale and shocky, was wandering around the first floor, pausing to pick up a fallen book and trying to reshelve it.
    • 2011, John Birmingham, After America, →ISBN, page 81:
      Might be a bit shocky. Does wonders for the shocky types a cup of tea does.
  2. Characteristic of or pertaining to a shock wave.
    • 2002, Ed Engle, Splitting Cane: Conversations with Bamboo Rodmakers, →ISBN, page 194:
      It can get “shocky” on the Clark if you don't watch it, but is quite smooth on the Howells.
    • 2003, Jacqueline I. Kroschwitz & Herman Francis Mark, Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology, →ISBN, page 89:
      This "shocky" peel is related to the increased stiffening and glass-like behavior of the adhesive at increasing peel rate.
    • 2012, S.C. Bhargava -, Electrical Measuring Instruments and Measurements, →ISBN, page 710:
      In this study, it was assumed that the explosive is of a shocky type (i.e. with very high detonation velocity) and delivers most of its energy in the form of stress wave.
    • 2013, G.L. Geernaert & W.J. Plant, Surface Waves and Fluxes: Volume II — Remote Sensing, →ISBN, page 146:
      Small shocky structures can be created on the surface of a basin of water by blowing at it obliquely with a household fan.