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  1. present participle of shun


shunning (plural shunnings)

  1. The act by which something is shunned; avoidance.
    • 2003, Nelson Erlick, GermLine, page 100:
      His mind began showering him with painful memories, forcing him to relive shunnings that stretched from elementary to high school and a procession of college roommates who'd ignore him after the first week.
    • 2004, Beverly Lewis, The Prodigal, page 36:
      Shunnings divided families, turning sisters and brothers into strangers ... . . even if the shunned one repented and returned home.
    • 2008, David Ritchie, A Harmless Drug, page 3:
      It was during one of my first “shunnings” that I learned a very valuable lesson. Playground politics, it seemed, dictated that while being shunned by the cool group, it was not acceptable behavior to start hanging around with the “non-cool” group.