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sideline cut (plural sideline cuts)

  1. (hurling) A penalty shot awarded against a player who runs over the sideline with the ball. The opponents take a free puck from where the ball crossed the line; side puck.
    • 2010, Dan Shanahan, Dan Shanahan - If you don't know me, don't judge me, →ISBN:
      In the first half we had a sideline cut, and as the ball was dropping in I could tell the Tipp player in front of me was gone up too early for it and wasn't going to get to it.
    • 2014, Anthony Daly, Dalo: The Autobiography, →ISBN:
      Tipp took a quick sideline cut, worked it up the field and engineered an overlap, Peter Kelly had to come, Séamus Callanan slipped the ball through to Bubbles, who drove it past Noley, who nearly stopped it.
  2. (American football, basketball) A sudden change of direction and run for the sideline.
    • 1958, Donald E. Fuoss, Quarterback generalship and strategy, page 96:
      In the sideline-and-up pass, both the receiver and the passer are faking the sideline cut.
    • 1993, Bud Wilkinson, Football: Winning Offense, →ISBN:
      Here, the receiver combines the sideline-flag pattern with a second sideline cut.
    • 2006, Jill Prudden, Coaching Girls' Basketball Successfully, →ISBN, page 123:
      The l, 2, and 4 players run picks; the picks are set to free up the 1 player for a sideline cut.
    • 2013, Winning Basketball Fundamentals, →ISBN, page 237:
      The second passing option for O5 presents itself when O1 is unable to get open on the sideline cut.
  3. (volleyball) A shot where the ball is angled sharply toward the sideline, just barely in bounds.
    • 1959 September, “Volleyball is a Rugged Game”, in Boys' Life, volume 49, number 9, page 56:
      If it is too far back he can't get as sharp a downward angle or sideline cut.