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A failure in the sidewall of a tyre
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side +‎ wall.


sidewall (plural sidewalls)

  1. The side of a tire.
    If the puncture had been in the tread I could have had the tire patched, but it was in the sidewall and they can't fix that: they have to replace the whole tire.
  2. The wall forming the side of a structure; a side wall.
    1. The wall forming the side of a racquetball court.
      • 1978, Charles Garfinkel, Racquetball the easy way, page 87:
        The kill shot may also be used against balls weakly played off the sidewall
      • 2003, David Waters, February the Sixth, page 53:
        Mark flipped the ball to Jon for service. His high serve drifted perfectly down the left-hand court, and Mark's weakly hit return fell short off the sidewall.
      • 2009, Allan D. Moore, Doms Need Love Too!: Adventures of the Day Old Muffins, page 116:
        Further, the grazing blow caused the ball to pick up a furiously wicked spin, making it a madly twirling object. The ball skimmed off the sidewall near the corner and into the lower-right corner of the front wall.