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From sing-song +‎ -y.


sing-songy (comparative more sing-songy, superlative most sing-songy)

  1. (informal) Sing-song.
    • 1996, John M Coggeshall, Carolina Piedmont country:
      They sounded, Ms. Gilchrist explained, more sing-songy because they were sung in a wavering voice.
    • 2005, John L Jackson, Real Black: adventures in racial sincerity:
      The group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony had a sincere sing-songy style in the 1990s. Just as interesting is the current attempt by artists like Ja Rule and Nelly...
    • 2008, C C Payne, Something to Sing About
      "Hello, Mrs. Peck," Mama called out, in her sing-songy way, like she always did.