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Alternative forms[edit]


From sing +‎ song.



singsong (comparative more singsong, superlative most singsong)

  1. Like a piece of singsong; simple and melodic, varying in pitch (of tone of voice etc.)


singsong (plural singsongs)

  1. A piece of verse with a simple, song-like rhythm.
  2. An informal gathering at which songs are sung; a singing session.
    We gathered round the campfire for a little singsong.
  3. Bad singing or poetry.
  4. A drawling or monotonous tone, as of a badly executed song.



singsong (third-person singular simple present singsongs, present participle singsonging, simple past and past participle singsonged)

  1. To utter in a singsong voice.
    • 1987, Texas Monthly (volume 15, number 5, May 1987, page 184)
      The birdlike female vendors speak only if spoken to, except when softly singsonging in a dialect that sounds like Navajo.
  2. (obsolete) To write poor poetry.
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