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sister +‎ girl


sistergirl (plural sistergirls)

  1. (African American Vernacular) Sister, girlfriend (as a familiar term of address between women).
    • 2003, Shonell Bacon, Draw Me with Your Love
      "We are all so proud of you, sistergirl! Couldn't you tell at graduation?"
    • 2004, Janette McCarthy Louard, Portrait of Deception
      Dianne, where would I be without my sistergirl support group?
  2. (Australian Aboriginal) A member of a traditional gender role in Australian Aboriginal cultures, resembling trans women.
    • 2015, Sisters & Brothers NT
      "My Grandmother told me when I was young that Sistergirls have always existed within Aboriginal culture, even before colonisation and Sistergirls are still here today."

Coordinate terms[edit]