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sketch +‎ book


sketchbook (plural sketchbooks)

  1. A book or pad with blank pages for sketching; a sketch pad.
  2. A book of printed sketches.
    • 2005, Wendy Baker, Compact Sketchbook of Blinds, →ISBN:
      This compact sketchbook displays every style of blinds imaginable, from rollers to Romans and from London to Austrian blinds.
    • 2012, Tony Hunt, ‎Sir Norman Foster, Tony Hunt's Second Sketchbook, →ISBN, page iv:
      Since writing the preface for my sketchbook, I have, of course, been involved in a number of more recent projects where I have sketched ideas for structural solutions.
    • 2013, Bahamas Sketchbook: Islands in the Sun, →ISBN, page 11:
      This sketchbook provides an artist's impression in watercolours and drawings of the city's varied past, linked to the buildings and neighbourhoods still here today, as well as a glimpse of some of the beautifully conserved historic settlements on nearby islands.
  3. (dated) A printed book of literary sketches or skits.