skinny drink of water

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Alternative forms[edit]


Based on the earlier long drink of water.


skinny drink of water (plural skinny drinks of water)

  1. (US, slang) A person with a thin, gangly build.
    • 2006, Ivan Bunin, Night of Denial: Stories and Novellas, →ISBN, page 226:
      Some skinny drink of water was raising the most sand of all, going at it whole-hog with one old man.
    • 2011, Christopher Brookmyre, One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night, →ISBN:
      At one point McGregor had coughed and the skinny drink of water involuntarily slid his chair back from the table.
    • 2012, Helena Close, The Clever One, →ISBN:
      I thought earlier that a skinny drink of water like him would be unconscious after a load of shots but no such luck.