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From slag +‎ -er.


slagger (plural slaggers)

  1. One who slags.
    • 1999, Elizabeth A. Throop, Net Curtains and Closed Doors: Intimacy, Family, and Public Life in Dublin, page 54,
      The proper response to slagging is to laugh at oneself while “getting back” at one′s slagger.
  2. One who works with slag.
    • 2009, John Hoerr, Monongahela Dusk, page 255,
      Miravich closes his eyes and remembers his days as a slagger. When a mold is full, a slagger moves in with his tool, a techmological marvel othereise known as a board slightly larger than a two-by-four. He leans out over the track and skims slag off the top of the boiling steel, risking what is called “catching a flyer,” which occurs when hot metal explodes out of the mold, spraying everyone in the vicinity.