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slap +‎ -y



slappy (comparative slappier, superlative slappiest)

  1. Resembling a slap, especially of sound.
    • 1855, Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass
      Where the laughing-gull scoots by the slappy shore and laughs her near-human laugh
    • 1963, Delphin Rose Adsett, A magpie sings
      Katy thought about the damp yellow bodies which often landed, with a slappy sound in a burst of moisture and steam rose off them because they were parted from the warmth of their mothers.
    • 1998, Dan Gelo, Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music for Mandolin - Page 11
      Thin picks flex too much and make your wrist work overtime, plus they tend to produce a slappy tone. Those heavy picks popular with today's bluegrass mandolinists are really too stiff for playing the rapid triplets in some Irish tunes.
    • 2009, Elisabeth Hyde, In the Heart of the Canyon - Page 55
      Jill had Mark apply sunscreen to her back.
      "Bet these river guides get a lot of skin cancer", he said. He had a slappy, unpleasant way of doing it, and she struggled to keep her balance.


slappy (plural slappies)

  1. (skateboarding) A grind on a curb without doing an ollie.