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After Slashdot, a site that commonly links to other, smaller sites.


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slashdot (third-person singular simple present slashdots, present participle slashdotting, simple past and past participle slashdotted)

  1. (computing, Internet) To render a web site slow or unusable via the unusually large number of page requests that result from a link on a very popular web site.
    • 2002, Shelley Powers et al., Unix Power Tools [1]
      If these numbers are significantly higher than normal usage, something is amiss (perhaps your web server has been slashdotted).
    • [2003], 2006 Matthew Strebe, The Best of SlashNOT, 2002–2005 [2]
      And that guy is supposed to be thrilled to lose both his inbound and outbound connections and e-mail for the joy of having been slashdotted.
    • 2005, Ivan Ristic, Apache Security [3]
      Sites that have been slashdotted report traffic between several hundred and several thousand hits per minute.
    • 2005, Charles Stross, Accelerando [4]
      Oh shit, thinks Manfred, better buy some more server time. He can recognize the signs: He's about to be slashdotted.


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