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slave trader (plural slave traders)

  1. A trader who buys and sells slaves.
    • 1860 Adam Gurowski, Slavery in History, page 210
      The Franks revoled against taxation when one of the kings tried to apply it to them, but the Roman populations bore its whole brunt. Tribute, taxes and other exactions finally became so oppressive tha tthe poor and impoverished sold their children ands ometimes even themselves into slavery. The Jews were the common mediators and factors in this traffic, as well as the most extensive slave-traders all over Europe , both then and in subsequent times ; and a considerable part of the hereditary hatred of the European masses towards the Jews is to be ascribed to this historic fact.
    • 1916 Cyrus Adler, The Jewish Encyclopedia: A Descriptive Record of the History, Religion, Literature, and Customs of the Jewish People from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, page 651
      Both Greece and Rome familiarized the Jews, as never before, with slavery as a gigantic and apparently indispensable system; and the Jews soon learned in Rome to do as the Romans did.n this, as in other fields of commerce, Jews became conspicuous during the later eras of the roman empire; and it is therefore not surprising to find numerous explicit reference to jews as slave traders and possessors of slaves. Particularly in the history of Rome and Spain are references to Jewish slave-dealers and slave-owners prior to 800 of the common era.
    Hyponym: slatee

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