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sleih m

  1. people, public
    • Cha nel mee mastey'n sleih chredjys ooilley chluinnys ad.
      • I am not one of those (people) who believe all they hear.
    • Dooyrt ymmodee sleih eh.
      • Various people said it.
    • Myr s'dooie fer, smoo shinney lesh sleih ooilley eh.
      • The kinder one is the more one is beloved by everybody.
    • Ren sleih credjal dy ren reddyn ceau caslys jeu hene rolaue.
      • People believed that things foreshadowed themselves.
    • Shegin da jinnair y ve currit da'n sleih shoh ooilley noght.
      • All these people will have to be dined tonight.
  2. family, relations
    • She teiy yn sleih t'eh.
      • He comes of an excellent family.
  3. inhabitants, populace
    • Hug ad ny sidooryn ayns thieyn yn sleih.
      • They quartered the troops on the inhabitants.
  4. crowd
    • Haink sleih dy liooar.
      • A sizeable crowd came.
    • Hayrn eh cree yn sleih.
      • He appealed to the emotions of the crowd.
    • Ren mee my raad trooid yn sleih.
      • I made my way through the crowd.


Manx mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
sleih leih
after "yn", tleih
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.