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An old compound, from the stem of slepens ‎(secret) or slepus ‎(secretly, stealthily), and the stem of kaut ‎(to slaughter, to kill in battle), nominalized in the sense of 'slaughterer', 'killer'.[1]


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slepkava m, f (4th declension)

  1. killer, murderer (a person who has committed murder, who has illegally killed someone)
    pēc nožņaugšanas slepkava atstājis līķi turpat ratos — after strangulation the murderer left a dead body right there, in the horse-drawn carriage
    redzot, ka esesietis nošauj cilvēku no koncentrācijas nometnes, kautrīgais, bērnišķīgais Vīze naidā metas uz slepkavu — seeing that the SS's shot people from the concentration camp, the shy, childish Vīze in hatred threw himself on the murderer


Usage notes[edit]

The term slepkava is ambigenous. It is masculine when it refers to males and feminine when it refers to females. It is, however, always declined as a feminine noun, with the exception of its dative singular form, which is slepkavam when it refers to a male and slepkavai when it refers to a female.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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