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slope +‎ -side



slopeside (not comparable)

  1. Located on or near a ski slope.
    • 2007 January 5, Nick Kaye, “Spruce Peak at Stowe”, in New York Times[1]:
      In the Green Mountains of north-central Vermont, this project is the first slopeside development in Stowe, the center of a resort area long popular with weekenders — especially in winter.



slopeside (plural slopesides)

  1. The side of a slope.
    • 1942, Sullivan C. Richardson, Adventure South, page 205:
      There were still few trees, but the slopesides seemed very steep, and plastered over them were the patterned patches of Indian farms!
    • 2022, Gregory Day, Words Are Eagles:
      As roots clutch the gully soil and cling to the slopesides.