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From smaids (smile) +‎ -īgs.


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smaidīgs (definite smaidīgais, comparative smaidīgāks, superlative vissmaidīgākais, adverb smaidīgi)

  1. smiling (one that is smiling; one that tends to smile often)
    smaidīga meitenesmiling girl
    viņa allaž bija jautra un smaidīga, katram zināja pateikt kādu labu vārdushe was always nice and smiling, she knew how to say a nice word to everyone
    kad Ilmārs beidzot atbrauca, Pēteris pāris dienu staigāja smaidīgs kā saulīte un runājās ar dēlu vienā gabalāwhen Ilmārs finally came back, Pēteris went around for a couple of days smiling like a little sun and talked uninterruptedly with his son (= Ilmārs}
  2. smiling (associated with a smile)
    smaidgīgas acissmiling eyes
    smaidīga, enerģiska sievetes sejaa smiling, energetic female face



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