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Alternative forms[edit]


Originating in American football.


smash-mouth (comparative more smash-mouth, superlative most smash-mouth)

  1. Violent; aggressive; vigorous.
    • 1984: Newsweek.
      Wacker says his team, the Horned Frogs, plays "smash-mouth football." He means that his lads are (as less poetic coaches are wont to say) "physical," meaning vigorous.
    • 1986: TIME.
      Penn State quickly scored the first touchdown against Oklahoma, showing roughly what Switzer meant when he called State "a physical, smash-mouth type of ball club" that "splatters you."
    • 2017: Conscience of a Conservative by Jeff Flake, p. 15
      For the record, I was not at all angry. I did want to talk about what conservatives stand for beyond the smashmouth politics that sometimes dominates campaigns.