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Alternative forms[edit]


Generic of Smell-O-Vision


smell-o-vision (uncountable)

  1. Cinematography with the addition of olfaction, often portrayed as futuristic or far-fetched.
    • 1972, Ronald Royce Allen and S. Clay Willmington, Speech Communication in the Secondary School, page 71, Allyn and Bacon
      Beginning as a silent wonder, the medium has been dramatically changed by the addition of sound, color, the wide screen, attempts at 3-D, and even smell-o-vision.
    • 1995, Michael Joyce, Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics, page 97, University of Michigan Press
      some scientists work on synchronous smell-o-vision with real-time simulated fragrance degradation shifting from fresh ink to old mold
    • 1996, Marion Dane Bauer, Our Stories: A Fiction Workshop for Young Authors, page 148, Clarion Books
      “Wait! Don't you want to see the V.R. machine? Or the smell-o-vision? Or...”
    • 2000, Corey Sandler, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World and Other Major Central Florida Attractions, page 191, Contemporary Books Inc
      3-D special effects, as well as flashing lights, a bubblemaker, smell-o-vision, and a surprise from the skies
    • 2001 February, Charles Busch, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife and Other Plays, page 87, Grove Press
      Meeting you yesterday gave me the inspiration for a new picture. A big picture, cinemascope, 3-D, smell-o-vision.
    • 2001 February, Matt Groening, “That's Lobstertainment”, Futurama, season 3, episode 40
    • 2001 July, John Emery Arnold, Tryin Hard to Mellow Out, page 124, Xlibris Corporation
      I wonder what to expect with smell-o-vision.
    • 2003, William Fraser, Golfing in Cuba, page 72, Xlibris Corporation
      The odor of cold sweat in a coward's armpit would be the olfactory theme were this a smell-o-vision movie.
    • 2005 August, Morten T. Hojsgaard, Religion and Cyberspace, page 43, Routledge (UK)
      I don’t think we’re ready for networked smell-o-vision