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smooth-talk (third-person singular simple present smooth-talks, present participle smooth-talking, simple past and past participle smooth-talked)

  1. Alternative form of smooth talk
    • 2003, Steven M. Best, When Philosophers Were Kings, →ISBN, page 115:
      This was his second time today, and announcing that she was "plum-tuckered and ready for a whirl," he mounted her, hanging tight on every jump, bouncing free of her when she hit her peak, then walking and smooth-talking her again.
    • 2009, Otto Kroeger, ‎Janet M. Thuesen, & ‎Hile Rutledge, Type Talk at Work, →ISBN:
      Extraverts, because of their verbal prowess, would be able to smooth-talk their way through almost any situation.
    • 2014, Matt Green, Celebrity Biographies - The Amazing Life Of Will Smith:
      Whenever he would get in trouble, Smith turned up the charm even more, smooth-talking his way out of serious punishment.


smooth-talk (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of smooth talk
    • 2000, Graham Hamer, Paperchase, →ISBN, page 166:
      It took two full minutes of Ron Scott's greasy smooth-talk to calm Richard, even lighting a fresh cigarette for him after he had finished brusing the ash off his boss's shoulders.
    • 2008, Luke Prodromou, English as a Lingua Franca: A Corpus-based Analysis, →ISBN, page 146:
      Smooth-talk isolates and distances the speaker and excludes the interlocutor from involvement.
    • 2012, Alain Mabanckou, Black Bazaar, →ISBN:
      When my ex burst out laughing, I quickly added that, over time, we stopped believing in Big Poupy's smooth-talk which cost us a lot for nothing.