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Alternative forms[edit]


smooth-talking (comparative more smooth-talking, superlative most smooth-talking)

  1. Insincerely ingratiating.
    • 1988, Owen Sela, The KGB Candidate, →ISBN, page 261:
      By the time the campaign was finished, you never saw a quicker, more smooth-talking political animal than Afram Milovan.
    • 2005, Dan Tynan, Computer Privacy Annoyances, →ISBN:
      Children are an increasingly attractive target for ID thieves, in part because they're easy prey for smooth-talking predators in chat rooms, and because the crime can go undetected for years.
    • 2011, Robert D. Hare, Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, →ISBN:
      In another case, a young woman, a smooth-talking, parasitic psychopath, constantly complained to her friends that her parents were not contributing enough to her already lavish lifestyle.
    • 2011, Shara Azod, Irresistible, →ISBN:
      At twenty-one, it was easy for strippers to fall for smooth-talking, married customers.




  1. present participle of smooth-talk


smooth-talking (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of smooth talk
    • 2008, Brian Peterson, Move Over, Girl: A Novel, →ISBN, page 114:
      Anything is possible, but if you haven't begun talking smooth yet, then I would really like to have a demonstration of what you think smooth-talking is.
    • 2013, David Hulme & ‎John Toye, Understanding Poverty and Well-Being: Bridging the Disciplines, →ISBN:
      For instance, suppose that smooth-talking is important for business.
    • 2014, Bonnie Dee, The New Leaf Pledge, →ISBN:
      No more smooth-talking or wheedling or coercing.