smooth talking

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smooth talking

  1. present participle of smooth talk


smooth talking (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of smooth talk
    • 2009, Richard Carlyon, The Tahoe Affair, →ISBN, page 145:
      I never really trusted Richard, but you certainly were won over by his smooth talking and intelligent ideas.
    • 2012, Stephen T. McCrea, Jerk Radar: How to Stop an Abusive Relationship Before It Starts, →ISBN:
      A combination of subtle pressure and smooth talking can make you feel that you are somehow either out of line or missing out on something great if you want to take it at a pace you are comfortable with.
    • 2012, Kenny Luck & ‎Tom Crick, Sleeping Giant: No Movement of God Without Men of God, →ISBN, page 67:
      I was lower than low in the face of a reality that none of my usual resourcefulness or smooth talking could erase or make better.


smooth talking (comparative more smooth talking, superlative most smooth talking)

  1. Alternative form of smooth-talking
    • 1999, Marianna Sheldrake, The Crystal Healer, →ISBN:
      No one addressed these issues when I posed this question some smarmy, smooth talking lecturer reiterated as if I were some innocent who had just woken up from my cradle.
    • 2007, Madeline Maxwell, The Red Grip, →ISBN, page 32:
      But it was my mother's decision to take me to a psychiatrist as a young child for "selective mutism", (a period of time without talking to certain people in my case) after a smooth talking cousin attempted to do things with me on the old farm, and I was not informed of those things as children are today.
    • 2014, Renee Roszel, The Billionaire Daddy, →ISBN:
      Why do so many women turn into drooling idiots when it comes to a smooth talking man?”