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snack +‎ -cc


snacc (plural snaccs)

  1. (chiefly Internet slang) Alternative spelling of snack (very attractive person).
    • 2019 January 5, David Levesley, “Great news everybody: Lizzo's already dropped the best song of the year”, in British GQ:
      I didn't deserve to live in a world where Lizzo catches the world's biggest snacc watching her doing ASMR on YouTube, and yet somehow I have been found deserving.
    • 2019 May 23, Nikki Porter, “The Prettiest Pink Drinks In Metro Manila”, in Cosmopolitan Philippines:
      No guts to slip your number to the absolute snacc hanging by the bar?
    • 2019 September 6, Shannon Barbour, “Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson Left the Thirstiest Comments for Each Other on Instagram”, in Cosmopolitan:
      In the comments section, everyone praised her for being so real and looking like a snacc, and Mike, of course, joined in the chorus.
    • 2020 January 30, Shreya Chauhan, “Humility Personified: 73-YO Narayana Murthy Touches 82-YO Ratan Tata's Feet As A Sign Of Respect”, in India Times:
      He has become a social media sweetheart after he made his account on Instagram and recently shared his throwback picture where some would say he looked like a real ‘snacc’.
  2. (chiefly Internet slang) Alternative spelling of snack (food).
    • 2019, Thor Elley, “I Tried to Rip Bongs Through Household Ingredients: A heartwarming tale of overcoming oppression”, in Critic Te Arohi, number 23:
      Noods smelt fucking awful because yet again I did not use gauze and a fair bit of ash was delivered straight to my snacc.
    • 2019 February 14, Pablo, “Ask Pablo: Valentine’s Day; Life (and love) advice from a curious kitten”, in The Spectrum, volume 122, number 37, page 5:
      Add a little popcorn (everybody loves snacc) and light a candle and a simple movie night quickly turns into something special.
    • 2020, Doing Things Media, Doggos Doing Things: The Hilarious World of Puppos, Borkers, and Other Good Bois, Running Press, →ISBN:
      did any1 bring snaccs to monch