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snarfle (third-person singular simple present snarfles, present participle snarfling, simple past and past participle snarfled)

  1. to make the noise of an animal (such as a pig) eating
  2. to eat greedily


  • 2004 Brigit Legere Binns - The Low-carb Gourmet: Recipes for the New Lifestyle - Page 4
    Wiggy, my Staffordshire terrier, loved to snarfle and root around on that hillside, and she always brought in the wonderful perfume, like a cloud of scent . . .
  • 2007 Alan Farrell - High Cheekbones, Pouty Lips, Tight Jeans Page 246
    . . . while we snarfle down popcorn at the Cineplex.