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snatch +‎ -y


snatchy (comparative snatchier, superlative snatchiest)

  1. In snatches or glimpses.
    • 1902, Amanda Minnie Douglas, A Sherburne quest (page 332)
      We listen to a snatchy talk on one thing and then another, and abstruse questions that are like the Scotchman's definition of metaphysics.
    • 1922, G. Stanley Hall, Jesus, the Christ, in the Light of Psychology
      The long-desired vision came first to Peter in Galilee in the morning twilight, and something of the kind perhaps happened to others; but of all this we have only garbled and snatchy reports.
    • 1990, Kan Yashiroda, Bonsai: Special Techniques (page 18)
      In positioning the branches, remember that the foliage should be arranged to give snatchy views of the two trunks all the way to the top.