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Probably a back-formation from snazzy.


snazz up (third-person singular simple present snazzes up, present participle snazzing up, simple past and past participle snazzed up)

  1. (transitive, chiefly US, informal) To improve appearance or appeal by increasing stylishness or functionality, or by adding other attractive features.
    • 1983, Donna Hagemann in New Guardians of the Press: Selected Profiles of America's Women Newspaper Editors, Judith Clabes ed., ISBN 9780897301060, p. 88:
      He worked with me from the very beginning to tighten and brighten my writing, snazz up my layouts.
    • 2003, Nora Roberts, Key of Light, ISBN 9780515136289, p. 186:
      And wouldn't it snazz up the entrance to have a stained-glass window replace the clear one over the front door?
    • 2003, Misha Berson, "On Broadway, old wine in snazzy new bottles," Seattle Times, 1 Jun. (retrieved 8 Jan. 2009):
      The Great White Way has in recent years increasingly banked on resurrections of Golden Oldie musicals and dramas from earlier decades, snazzed up with cinematic stars as box-office bait.


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