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  1. (idiomatic, vulgar, Ireland, Australia) sniffing the saddles of women's bicycles, or seats on which they have been sitting
    • 2008 May 3, Dianne Butler, “Nine has a gaping hole in its schedule after Underbelly ends”, in The Courier-Mail[1]:
      And, in a country that's publicly elected a seat-sniffer – a hobby which I believe is known as snedging, if you were wondering about the correct term, which you would've been. [The "seat sniffer" was Troy Buswell, leader of the opposition Liberal Party in Western Australia]
    • 2009 November 11, James Jeffrey, “Word drops, so do pants”, in The Australian[2]:
      While it caused scenes of wild mirth in the house, we hope it helps bury the last of those snedging memories.