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snickerdoodle ‎(plural snickerdoodles)

  1. A cookie where the batter is rolled into a ball and coated with cinnamon sugar.
    • 1967, Paul Henry Oehser (ed.), The United States Encyclopedia of History, Curtis Books, page 382,
      Besides bread, the bakehouse also turned out such treats as gristmill graham, hobnail, lumberjack, and snickerdoodle cookies in New England; and corn pone, spoon bread, and hominy pudding in the South.
    • 1991, Daranna Gidel, Ceremony of Innocence, Dutton, ISBN 0525933484, page 345,
      Then, one morning, after making twenty dozen snickerdoodle cookies for an upcoming church function, Wanda collapsed onto the kitchen’s sparking vinyl floor and died.
    • 2006, Kris Nelscott, War at Home, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-32528-2, page 22,
      I took a bite from the snickerdoodle. It was fresh and soft and tasted like childhood.

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