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This word was created in the 1940's.


snoof (comparative more snoof, superlative most snoof)

  1. (humorous, nonstandard) Having lost the sense of smell.
    • 1946 Una Jeffers To Dorothy Brett. The Collected Letters Of Robinson Jeffers. With Selected Letters Of Una Jeffers. Stanford, Volume 3, p. 410:
      [] it means when a person lacks his sense of smell. I'm glad I'm not snoof.
    • 1955. John Galsworthy. A Modern Comedy. C. Scribner's sons, p. 799:
      Luckily, they're all `snoof.`" "What?" said Michael ... One says 'deaf,' 'blind,' 'dumb'—why not `snoof`?"
    • 1966. By Monroe C. Beardsley. Thinking Straight; Principles of Reasoning for Readers and Writers. By Monroe C. Beardsley. Prentice-Hall, p. 292:
      And the word "snoof" has been brought forth (by an analogy with "deaf") to describe someone who is devoid of, or deficient in, the sense of smell.
    • 1994. Diana Starr Cooper. Night After Night. Island Press, p. 127:
      My mother-in-law, Louise Field Cooper, used the word snoof to convey some of this meaning, as in “he has such a bad cold he's gone totally snoof.






  1. singular past indicative of snuiven