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snoot +‎ -ful



snootful (plural snootfuls)

  1. (informal) A noseful.
    • 1996, Gary Ferguson, The Yellowstone Wolves: The First Year :
      Suddenly the Soda Butte animals are getting great snootfuls of scent laid down over the past month by other wolves, which apparently leaves them with a certain longing for their own quiet, unsullied digs far to the northeast...
    • 2002, S. Wishnevsky, Quetzalsong, page 124:
      It took almost to noon, and quite a bit of slow, careful rolling, and more than a few snootfuls of seawater, but finally he was free.
    • 2009, Steve Berman, So Fey: Queer Fairy Fiction, page 229:
      Imps see pixies as uppity, giggly snobs, sniffing too many snootfuls of pollen.
  2. (informal) A significant ingested quantity of an alcoholic beverage.
    • 1922, P. G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves, ch. 13:
      Only active measures, promptly applied, can provide this poor, pusillanimous poop with the proper pep. And that is why, Jeeves, I intend tomorrow to secure a bottle of gin and lace his luncheon orange juice with it liberally. . . . The truth of the matter being that he is just a plain, ordinary poop and needs a snootful as badly as ever man did.
    • 1963 Nov. 1, "Cartoonists: E's Luv'ly," Time:
      His bulbous nose glows whenever he has a snootful, which is nearly every night.
    • 1987 May 22, John Gross, "Books of the Times" (review of The Paris Edition by Waverley Root), New York Times (retrieved 1 Nov 2011):
      [H]e recalls most of his colleagues and their rough-and-tumble exploits. Spencer Bull, for instance, who was a good reporter with one weakness . . . "He lost the ability to distinguish between fact and fantasy when he had a snootful."

Derived terms[edit]