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soak +‎ -y


soaky (comparative soakier, superlative soakiest)

  1. Soaking wet; sopping; saturated.
    • 1855, William Chambers, Robert Chambers, Chambers's Journal (volume 22, page 324)
      There is that same peat and bog, like nothing else but itself — a soaky, black, treacherous, useless mass when wet; when dry, a soil fat, light, and fertile beyond compare.
  2. (colloquial) Characterised by soaking; involving a soak.
    • 1999, Jeanne Rose, The Herbal Body Book (page 191)
      Now would be a good time to take a soaky bath, adding all that extra colloidal Oatmeal that you made, or you can eat the Oatmeal for breakfast with some honey: it's quite delicious.