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social psychology (countable and uncountable, plural social psychologies)

  1. The interplay between the individual and society.
    • 2000, Sheldon Stryker, Timothy Joseph Owens, Robert W. White, Self, Identity, and Social Movements, →ISBN, page 191:
      Before we discuss our two main objectives, however, and present illustrations and our specific hypotheses, an overview of social movements and their social psychology will help put our ideas in the broader context to which they are directed.
    • 2006, Mohammad Qadeer, Pakistan - Social and Cultural Transformations in a Muslim Nation, →ISBN:
      Georg Simmel (1902) pointed out that the money economy pervasive in a city fosters individualism, blasé attitudes, and secondary relations, thus linking urbanism with a particular social psychology.
    • 2014, Sjouke Mauw, Christian Damsgaard Jensen, Security and Trust Management, →ISBN:
      It is essential to identify user perspectives and relate their social psychology to meaningful trust determinants in the system to be automated.
    • 2015, Orlando Patterson, The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth, →ISBN, page 107:
      The roots of black crime are threefold: a different social psychology resulting from blacks' exclusion from the dominant experience with factory, bureaucracy, and schooling; a heritage of economic and other insecurities; and a long and complex experience with criminal activity.
  2. The study of how people and groups interact.