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socio- +‎ babble.


sociobabble (uncountable)

  1. The jargon used by sociologists.
    • 1987, George Charles Roche, A world without heroes: the modern tragedy
      This urge to be "scientific" — demonstrating again the divine power of that word — is creating a whole new language paralleling English: sociobabble.
    • 1991, Martin Oppenheimer, Radical Sociologists (page 54)
      Although he seemed less introspective than the rest and his run-on sociobabble was a bit more aimless, he conveyed the same aura of perpetual distraction.
    • 2005, Adrian Furnham, The People Business: Psychological Reflections on Management (page 33)
      For those with a Pollyanna view of the world, gift-giving is (if you can take the sociobabble) the “feminized ideology of love”, motivated by emotions of “nurturant-dependence”.