son of a motherless goat

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Derived from a line delivered by Steve Martin in the 1986 film, Three Amigos.


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son of a motherless goat (plural sons of motherless goats)

  1. (derogatory, slang) An objectionable person.
    • 2002, Carol E. Meacham, Machina Obscura, page 93:
      Wireheaded son of a motherless goat, I was trying to help you!
    • 2004, Robert Pruneda, Victory Lane: The Chronicles, page 323:
      “If he's related to that back-stabbing, good for nothing, son of a motherless goat,” John responded with skepticism, “then I'm sure it runs in the family.”
    • 2006, Donna J. Grisanti, Wandering Hearts, page 480:
      "Son of a motherless goat!" Eugene raged with only a bit of a slur as he flailed in the muddy morass. "What the hell is this!"
    • 2009, A.J. Watson, Void War: The Elemental Progeny, page 121:
      Oh fuck me with a butchers knife you son of a motherless goat.
    • 2011, Amarinda Jones, Because I Can, page 1:
      "Son of a motherless goat!" Miranda Marshall hissed out through clenched teeth. "What the frigging hell is he doing here?"