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sosh (plural soshes)

  1. (Scotland) co-op (short for "association" store).
    • 1888, Barrie, J. M., Auld Licht Idylls, Hodder and Stoughton, page 77:
      Weddings were celebrated among the Auld Lichts by showers of ha'pence, .... Willie Todd, the best man, ... slipped through the back window ... and making a bolt for it to the "'Sosh," was back in a moment with a handful of small change.
      Barrie's usage is annotated in Hammerton, cited below.
    • 1896, Blair, Alick, Rantin Robin & Marget: With Other Scottish Sketches & Homely Rhymes, Arbroath: T. Buncle & Company, page 82:
      An' as I thocht that a wee hair o' pepper would help to gie the gruel a gude flavour, I opened ane o' the wee bits o' pockies that had been brocht by Marget on the Saturday frae the Sosh an' put in a grain o' its contents.
    • 1897, Mackenzie, Fergus, Sprays of Northern Pine, Oliphant, Anderson and Ferrier, page 110:
      Maggie, rin you to the sosh for a peck o' saut.
    • 1900, Sir John Alexander Hammerton, J. M. Barrie and his books: biographical and critical studies, Horace Marshall and Sons, page 248:
      In many Scottish villages, the Co-operative Store is known as the “Sosh[.]”
  2. Abbreviation of various terms beginning "social"; used especially in compound terms.
    • 1928, Irwin, Will, Herbert Hoover A Reminiscent Biography, The Century Company, page 50:
      In Hoover's second year there rose a prophet of the "barbs" or non-fraternity men whose appropriate name was Zion. His constant tilting against things as they are gave him the nickname of "Sosh" short for Socialist.
    • 1981, Cameron Crowe, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Simon and Schuster, page 43:
      This, more than anything else, was the true sign of a high school social climber known as the “sosh.” The teeth-baring sosh (long o) began as a glimmer in the eye.
    • 2003, Michael Allen Dymmoch, The Feline Friendship, Macmillan, page 33:
      He handed her a paper with Erik Last's DOB and Visa card number. "This guy wouldn't give me his sosh." His social security number.
    • 2009, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Political Ducks: Lucky, Lame, and Dead, Xlibris, page 241:
      Both had taught at different times in the Military Academy's Social Sciences Department [....] “Sosh,” as the academic department was called [....]
    • 2009, Sean Scalmer, “‘for the sake of a straight out fight’: The Free Traders and the Puzzle of the Fusion”, in Paul Strangio, Nicholas Dyrenfurth, editors, Confusion: The Making of the Australian Two-Party System, Melbourne University Press, page 87:
      In the face of Reid's prominent ‘anti-Sosh’ campaign (in reality an attempt to wedge Deakin's supporters), Labor held its ground in the 1906 election [....]
    • For quotations of use of this term, see Citations:sosh.


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