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Alternative forms[edit]


From cooperative, by shortening.


  • IPA(key): /ˈkoʊˌɒp/
  • Hyphenation: co‧op


co-op (plural co-ops)

  1. A unit of a housing co-operative; a purchased apartment where the apartment owners collectively are responsible for maintenance of common areas and upkeep.
  2. Any co-operative, including housing, retail, utility, agricultural, banking or worker cooperatives.
    • 1973, New Society, volume 25, London: New Society Ltd., ISSN 0028-6729, page 25:
      Once or twice a week, Chris Wotton, an unemployed farm labourer who ran the coop, and some of the estate's older children, borrowed a van from Centerprise []
  3. Any shop owned by a co-operative.
  4. (video games, board games) A co-operative game, as opposed to a competitive game or deathmatch.

Derived terms[edit]


co-op (third-person singular simple present co-ops, present participle co-oping or co-opping, simple past and past participle co-oped or co-opped)

  1. Synonym of cooperate