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sowle (plural sowles)

  1. Obsolete spelling of soul
    • 1823, Giles Gossip, Coronation Anecdotes[1]:
      The archbishop made the "proclamacion on the iiij quarters of the scaffolde, seyend in this wyse: Sirs, heere comyth Henry, kyng Henryes sone the Vth, on whose sowle God have mercy, Amen.
    • 1882-89, A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV.[2]:
      Beleeve mee nowe, I do not blame my frende To fishe in trobled streames for such a pearle, Or digge in black mowled for so ritch a myne; But to redeeme a chast and inocent sowle Forthe from the fierye jawes of lust and hell, Exprest a most comended charitye.