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Blend of soya +‎ lentil, coined in Harry Harrison's 1966 Make Room! Make Room!


soylent (uncountable)

  1. An undesirable, lackluster, and artificial foodstuff, as a substitute for real meat.
    • 1966, Harrison, Harry, Make Room! Make Room![1], published 1973, →ISBN, OL 7500531M, page 26:
      The soylent steaks were sitting like lead in his stomach and twice he had to go back to the dark and miserable toilet in the rear of the building.
    • 1976, Pfaffenberger, Roger C., Mathematical Programming for Economics and Business, Ames: Iowa State University Press, →ISBN, LCCN 75023045:
      It is decided that the product will be composed of three elements — soylent green, red, and blue. Each pound of the final product must contain at least 2000 calories of energy and 1000 units of vitamins.
    • 2008, Berryhill, Shane, Chance Fortune and the Outlaws[2], New York: Starscape, published 2011, chapter 8:
      “Today's selection is Superaide with a choice of soylent yellow or soylent red,” the servodroid said.

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