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space +‎ cut


spacecut (plural spacecuts)

  1. (computer graphics, demoscene) An animated visual effect in which one polyhedron intersects another, forming an empty space where their volumes overlap.
    • 1993, "Keith Lau", More help needed! Spacecuts, etc ... (on newsgroup
      Also, since part of a polygon (facet) of one object might be obscured by that of another intersecting object, I would assume that the standard Z-sort alogrithms[sic] would not be enough. Does this mean that I would have to use Z-buffering, or tessellate (sp?) the resultant (possibly nonconvex) polygon into triangles and draw them in Z-order? If not, what is a fast way of doing spacecuts?
    • 1995, "", Demo review - Killing time by oxyron (on newsgroup alt.sys.amiga.demos)
      Effect 6: Gouraud spacecut - Probably the worst effect in the demo - has been done miles better before!


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