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A spaceship


space +‎ ship


spaceship (plural spaceships)

  1. A vehicle that flies through space.
  2. (cellular automata) A finite pattern that reappears after a certain number of generations in the same orientation but in a different position.
    • 2002, Richard Nowakowski, More Games of No Chance (page 433)
      We describe software that searches for spaceships in Conway's Game of Life and related two-dimensional cellular automata.
    • 2010, Andrew Adamatzky, Game of Life Cellular Automata (page 126)
      Synthesis of spaceship flotillas is even more complicated than synthesis of oscillators, since spaceships are like oscillators that move []
  3. (programming) The operator <=> in the Perl, PHP and Ruby programming languages, which compares two values and indicates whether the first is lesser than, greater than, or equal to the second.
    • 2012, Randal Schwartz, ‎Brian Foy, ‎Tom Phoenix, Intermediate Perl (page 142)
      If we reverse the positions of $a and $b, the spaceship will sort in the opposite order []



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