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From Middle English glider, glydare, equivalent to glide +‎ -er.

A motor glider in flight.



glider (plural gliders)

modern glider-type swing
Glider in Conway's Life
  1. One who glides.
  2. Any heavier-than-air aircraft optimised for unpowered flight; a sailplane.
  3. A pilot of glider aircraft.
  4. Any animal with the ability to glide, such as the gliding possum.
  5. Synonym of glide (cap affixed to base of legs of furniture)
    • 2007, Frances Gruber Safford, American Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art:
      The left drawer runner is probably replaced. Nail holes on the upper surface of the stretchers suggest the piece once had a bottom shelf. Modern metal gliders have been added under the feet.
  6. A kind of garden swing.
    • 1978, Tom Reamy, Blind Voices (2003), page 73
      Francine sat in the glider on the porch, swinging lightly, her mind a thousand miles away. The chain squeaked a little, almost like a cricket.
    • 2011, Mary Biever, He Uses It For Good!, page 5
      Then I went into the backyard, which had a flower-covered arbor, a small garden wall, and room behind it for a garden. Swings and gliders adorned the yard.
  7. (mathematics) In the Game of Life cellular automaton, a particular configuration of five cells that recurs periodically at fixed offsets and appears to "walk" across the grid.
    Hypernym: spaceship
    • 2008, Derek Abbott, ‎Paul C. W. Davies, ‎Arun Kumar Pati, Quantum Aspects Of Life (page 246)
      In Conway's Life interesting effects can be obtained by colliding gliders.
  8. A vehicle, of a usually motorised type, without a powertrain.


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  1. present tense of glida.