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A spaghetto


Italian spaghetto


spaghetto (plural spaghetti)

  1. (rare, prescriptive) A single strand of spaghetti.
    • 2000, Henry Alford, Big Kiss: One Actor's Desperate Attempt to Claw His Way to the Middle, Broadway Books (2001), →ISBN, page 65:
      My first class consisted of twenty-six dancers; at least a third of these appeared to be tiny Asian women, each with a waist the approximate width of a spaghetto.
    • 2004, D. L. Stewart, "Cyclone Salad Set To Hit School Cafeterias", Dayton Daily News, 7 September 2004:
      With his thumb and forefinger he lifted one spaghetto at a time and dunked it into the bowl of sauce before eating it.
    • 2010, Rita Golden Gelman, Female Nomad and Friends: Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around the World, Three Rivers Press (2010), →ISBN, page 289:
      Not once was I allowed to help make dinner, slice a tomato, boil a spaghetto (one piece of spaghetti), or wash a dish.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:spaghetto.



From spago +‎ -etto (meliorative suffix).


  • IPA(key): /spaˈɡ
  • Hyphenation: spa‧ghét‧to


spaghetto m (plural spaghetti)

  1. (cooking, rare, prescriptive) strand of spaghetti
  2. (cooking, in the plural) a dish of spaghetti
  3. (colloquial) fright


  • Greek: σπαγγέτι n (spangéti)

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