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spela roll (present spelarroll, preterite speladeroll, supine spelatroll, imperative spelaroll)

  1. to be of (any) importance, to matter
    Spelar det någon roll om jag tar den blåa karamellen?
    Does it matter if I take the blue candy?
    Det spelar mig ingen roll om jag får den blåa eller den röda karamellen.
    It doesn't matter to me if I get the blue or the red candy.

Usage notes[edit]

Often used negated (with "ingen") or in questions (with "någon").


spela roll

  1. (slang) Couldn't care less!, That has absolutely no importance whatsoever!
    "Jag mötte ditt ex på stan igår..." — "Spela roll! Det är slut i vilket fall."
    "I met your ex downtown yesterday..." — "I couldn't care less! It's over anyhow."

Alternative forms[edit]