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The name speronara is a reference to the distinctive spur (sperone: Italian) on the bows of the vessel also known as Xprunara in Maltese.


speronara (plural speronaras)

  1. (nautical) a type of small Mediterranean sailing boat, used especially for transport between Sicily and Malta
    • 1850, William O. S. Gilly, Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849[1]:
      'Whilst my boat was preparing (a Maltese speronara, with a crew of twelve men, selected for their knowledge of the coast,) I wrote two letters, one to Malta, and the other to Lisbon, stating the loss of the ship.
    • 1863, Bayard Taylor, The Lands of the Saracen[2]:
      We had the ponente, or west-wind, all night, but the speronara moved sluggishly, and in the morning it changed to the greco-levante, or north-east.



speronara f (plural speronare)

  1. (nautical) speronata or lugger