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From (the stem of) Latin sphinx +‎ -ine.


sphingine (comparative more sphingine, superlative most sphingine)

  1. (rare) Sphinx-like.
    • 1925, Aldous Huxley, Those Barren Leaves:
      For whenever she asked him how much he had written, he regularly answered 'Nothing,' smiling at her meanwhile that courteous and Sphingine smile which Mrs Aldwinkle always found so baffling, so pre-eminently 'queer'.
    • 1974, Lawrence Durrell, Monsieur, Faber & Faber 1992, p. 109:
      The word I was looking for, I suppose, was "sphingine" – I thought of the baleful prehistoric smile of the Mycenaean women.


sphingine (countable and uncountable, plural sphingines)

  1. (organic chemistry) The amino alcohol 2-amino-octadecanol CH3(CH2)15-CH(NH2)-CH2OH related to sphingosine; any related amino alcohol