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From German Spieler (player, gambler).



spieler (plural spielers)

  1. (slang, now chiefly Australia, New Zealand) A swindler, a gambler.
  2. A person who speaks fluently and glibly; a barker.
    • 1909, Jack London, Martin Eden, chapter 31:
      "Bosco! He eats 'em alive! Eats 'em alive!" Brissenden exclaimed, imitating the spieler of a locally famous snake-eater.
    • 1961, Vincent F. Seyfried,The Long Island Rail Road: A Comprehensive History, Part I:
      Two thousand men, women and children turned out for this giant excursion and danced and drank the day away while professional spielers extolled the virtues of the new metropolis and inveigled the unwary into investment.
  3. A gambling club.