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spirit +‎ -istic



spiritistic (comparative more spiritistic, superlative most spiritistic)

  1. Of or pertaining to, or associated, dealing, concerned, or connected with, spiritism (a.k.a. modern spiritualism); spiritualistic.
    • 1867, England’s Leader?, 15th June 1867 issue, page 333, column 1
      That spiritistic ‘literature’ which has led astray…so many weak and impressionable minds.
    • 1880, William Dean Howells, The Undiscovered Country, chapter 4, page 70
      The only perfectly ascertained fact of spiritistic science is the rap.
    • 1898, The Popular Science Monthly, volume 52, page 493
      New support for unfounded spiritualistic and spiritistic chimeras.
    • 1949, Horace Meyer Kallen, The Education of Free Men: An Essay Toward a Philosophy of Education for Americans (2nd ed.; Farrar, Straus), page 151
      No living person can enter the perception of his fellow save as a body. This holds in the most spiritistic of systems. Even the bodyless dead must have a living body for a medium of their manifestation; nor can any event of heaven or hell make sense except by way of bodily reference.
    • 1993, Steven C. Hayes, Varieties of Scientific Contextualism (Context Press; →ISBN, 9781878978059), page 36
      All conventional philosophies assume the existence of a real world — a reality apart from knowers and their knowing — although not all indulge themselves in speculations concerning ontological matters. I make this claim even of the most spiritistic forms of idealism, in that to speak about the universe at all implies someone speaking and something spoken about — these two constituting the existent reality.