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spiro- +‎ -metry


spirometry (usually uncountable, plural spirometries)

  1. (medicine) The measurement of the volume of air that a person can move into and out of the lungs, using a spirometer.
    • 2005, Charles G. Irvin Chapter 56: Guide to the Evaluation of Pulmonary Function, Qutayba Hamid, Joanne Shannon, James Martin (editors), Physiologic Basis of Respiratory Disease, BC Decker, page 651,
      Spirometry is typically the first PFT[Pulmonary Function Test] to be performed in a patient. This is because the indications for performing spirometry are extensive (Table 56-3). The indications are so numerous, in fact, that it is a surprise that spirometry is so greatly underused. There are several perceived and real barriers to its use, but these can be easily overcome by studying spirometry interpretation guides and by getting the right equipment and good training.
    • 2006, Sharon Plowman, Denise Smith, Exercise Physiology for Health, Fitness, and Performance, Wolters Kluwer Health, 2nd Edition, page 122,
      Aerobic metabolism can be measured by direct calorimetry or indirect spirometry. In exercise physiology, open-circuit indirect spirometry, in which expired gases are analyzed for 02 consumed and CO2 produced, are typically used.
    • 2012, Q. Ashton Acton, Advances in Respiratory Insufficiency Research and Treatment, 2011 Edition, ScholarlyEditions (ScholarlyBrief), page 29,
      A total of 29,817 spirometries were analyzed. Quality grades A-D and F were assigned to 33.9, 7.1, 19.4, 27.8 and 11.8% of spirometries, respectively.

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  1. nominative plural of spirometr
  2. accusative plural of spirometr
  3. vocative plural of spirometr